P16/366/OUT Land West of Maesteg Road

The land having been sold to Llanmoor Developments, we have been told they are currently negotiating with Phillip Thomas and his team at BCBC Planning Department concerning the forthcoming application for the new development. Part of their proposals are to very much enhance the embankment (formally the bund) and carry out a substantial amount of re-soiling and planting on this area to create an attractive feature, that will give the existing residents screening from the new development. They are also planning to do a presentation to both Community Councils and ourselves, showing the types of houses and layout etc…

Once they have built the initial 135 dwellings (Phase One) have been built, we need to be vigilant regarding the proposed realignment of the Maesteg Road, part of the S106 Agreement.

Map of revised realignment of Maesteg Road at Tondu
Revised realignment of Maesteg Road at Tondu

This map differs very little from the original map, submitted to BCBC on the day prior to the Planning Committee Meeting in March 2018!
An email from the Transportation Policy and Development Section, delivered on the 12/3, three days prior to the meeting that states “Capita were however satisfied that a quantum of 135 dwellings could be provided without the Highway Scheme but indicated that with the Lidl development the junctions would fail.” It goes on to state a rephrasing of the lights will be required as an interim. These are due to be re-phased as part of the Lidl store enlargement agreement, but as the recent accident proves it really does need a better filtering system, both north and south.
Even the transport assessment on page 43 of the Agenda, presented at that very meeting states that “the increase in dwellings, will only result in an increase of six or seven queued cars, during peak hours.”
So, be prepared – you have been warned, and is one Toucan Crossing really enough!
Should you wish to watch the webcam of the meeting here’s the link: https://aisapps.sonicfoundry.com/AuditelScheduler/Player/Index/?id=ca0d6d98-1e05-4d32-acd8-c92def8cb2fd&presID=0f00e9d668804a2a9ec8e4f8cbefa6ed1d