Litter & Antisocial Behaviour

Any incidents like vandalism, cars parked illegally/blocking or parking on dropped curbs/double parking at the school, fly-tipping, dog-mess etc., please phone 101 and report to This will then be logged for future reference. Please supply photographic evidence where possible and safe to do so. If no joy then try

Litter and rubbish are an ongoing problem in the area; if you have any grievance, especially illegal parking and spilled rubbish against the Waste Transfer Station, report with photographic evidence, to Tel: 01656 726010.

Both Newcastle Higher and Ynysawdre Community Council have provided extra bind as well as Dog Bins, but sadly, this is still a major issue even though poo bags can be collected free from BCBC and can be placed in any bin – you do NOT need a special bin for this, so why do people still leave bags on the paths and worse still, hang them from the branches of trees?The law states, owners must carry poo bags when walking a dog. Remember it is an offence, so if you see any one failing to pick-up dog mess or dumping a bag, phone 101 and report them.