P/19/915/RES Llanmoor Developments Decision

On Thursday, 17th September 2020 our secretary Claudette Evans, spoke on our behalf at the Development Control Committee meeting to decide final details on this development.
Over the last few days, we have had direct contact with Llanmoor over certain issues and had received reassurances from Simon Grey the emergency access will be just that, and the Waste Transfer Station will be given adequate off-road parking. He also assured us of suitable landscaping to screen existing housing from the new development, so my speech concentrated on the realignment of the Maesteg Road.
I spoke first, those 3 precious minutes, where I outlined our concerns over the safety issues relating to the realignment of the Maesteg Road, even though I received an amendment sheet minutes before, from Mark Galvin (BCBC) stating changes to the realignment were NOT part of the agenda today, as this had been approved at the outline planning consent 2 years ago!
I was followed by Simon Grey, speaking on behalf of Llanmoor, who basically just confirmed the assurances he had emailed me this week.
Next was Phil Thomas, the Planning Officer, who told Councillors that the realignment is to be completed before the 130 houses are sold and the emergency access is to be completed before Phase 4 is! The road works will commence from the north by TM Cars.
He went on to say possible development of the office site for a Medical centre. There is no chance of increasing affordable housing from 10%, due to the high cost of developing the site and this figure had already been agreed at the Outline Planning stage.
Cllr Spanswick was concerned with the amount of equipped play area provided and wished the Council to make completion of such prior to the occupation of dwellings.
Rob Morgan replied he considered there was sufficient.
Cllr Amanda Williams was worried there were not enough safe crossings and the distance children would have to walk to school safely crossing the roads.
Phil Thomas produced a google earth map, showing the children could walk through to Aberkenfig behind the Retail Parc and they are seeking to improve the bridge traffic lights for pedestrians.
Rob Morgan added that Outline Planning permission had approved the crossing points to be considered appropriate.
Cllr Williams challenged this and Rob replied that children are already using the existing routes.
Jonathan Parsons came in with ‘safe routes to school the consent exists – S106 agreed so look to future agreements!
Cllr Roz Stirman also voiced concern regarding the road safety and Cllr Lewis said the damage was done 2 years ago, volume of traffic, and criticised lack of access to Tondu school and no safe routes for children.
Cllr Edwards said the Llynfi Valley was dependant on the road and questioned whether the realignment would improve the flow of traffic.
Rob Morgan replied that the double set of lights were just for when the site was allocated and blamed the double set for creating the delays. They will be realigning the road markings approaching Bryn Road traffic lights, once the new road has been completed. Cllr Edwards questioned how giving way at a roundabout would speed up the flow? Rob replied that traffic assessment had advised it would! Jonathan Parsons reminded councillors the plan had already been agreed.
Cllr Wendy Burnett said she’d already ditched the car and was disappointed concerns were concentrated on congestion.
Jonathan Parsons said as Bridgend was committed to the Cardiff Metro, the proximity of a railway station will give the development priority, promoting alternative transportation links.
It was then time for the vote – Cllr Williams had to leave to collect her children from school.
So 9 for – Cllr Edwards was against and Cllrs Stirman and Dendy abstained.
So there you have it, all we can do now is insure Llanmoor stick to their assurances. However, it appears the road was part of a bigger picture from long before Outline Planning permission was given,  and hope the Councillors have also learnt a valuable lesson to check things out for hidden agendas.